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2017 All State QB John Torchio Coaching Camp

2017 All State Campo QB John Torchio Coaching Camp


Campolindo High School Football Head Coach Kevin Macy has been offering football camps in the Lamorinda area dating back to 1996.  In the early years, sports camps were offered through the Acalanes School District in their summer school/summer camp program.  Many years ago, the School District eliminated sports camps as part of the summer school program.  To continue the tradition of offering community kids an early introduction to football techniques and skills related to contact football, Coach Macy incorporated into what is now known as Cougar Football Camps, Inc. 


For over two decades, kids from all over the Lamorinda area have attended the Cougar Camp in the middle of July.  Many of the kids have attended for consecutive years and moved on to become rivals amongst Lamorinda’s neighboring high schools.  But the friendships developed during the camp and the memories associated with the competition bond the campers, although they become eventual opponents on the field of play.


The unique nature of structuring the camp to extend over a two-week period is to allow participation if one of those weeks has a conflict with other sport camps or Boy Scout camping commitments.  The afternoon time slot allows for keeping kids physically and mentally fresh.  An all-day football camp would be too taxing for young boys getting their first taste of tackle football.  Having fun in a productive environment will lead kids to find a passion for the sport of football.


In 27 years of offering a youth summer camp, Coach Macy has stayed actively involved in all aspects of the July youth camp.  He brings a level of experience that sees to it that camp members will have a successful introduction to contact football. 


The camp is staffed with current and past Campolindo Football players.  All these players have performed at high levels and have attained great accomplishments while being part of the Campolindo Football program.  Virtually all of these coaches are former camp members themselves and understand the importance of the comradery that is an essential element of a successful camp experience.  Their own camp participation prepared them for entering high school with a level of knowledge and confidence that produces successful high school careers. 


The atmosphere of the camp is designed to interject confidence-building into skill-level appropriate drills and competition.  The camp prides itself on the level of connectedness the campers make with their coaches.  This tradition of staffing the camp with current and recently graduated high school players creates a unique community outreach as these young adults mentor tomorrow’s crop of successful young men.  The kids all receive a unique and rewarding growth experience that comes from playing the sport of football.  The camp has fostered friendships that extends throughout a young man’s life. 


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